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With almost all vehicles on the road nowadays being fitted with factory immobiliser systems, the process to have replacement keys made has become increasingly complicated.

To stay relevant in the automotive key industry, we have made it our priority to focus solely all our time on automotive work and nothing else!

Having state-of-the-art key programming equipment sourced from all over the world has helped us become one of the leaders in our field. In fact, our programming equipment is so powerful that we can often do things not even dealerships can do!

Whether you require a spare key or have lost them all, we can help. We keep most keys in stock and can assist with a same day service.


  • We offer a key replacement service to more cars than our competitors.
  • We can source necessary security codes that are needed for key programming.
  • We take pride in our work and our customers satisfaction.
  • Using the latest equipment, we have quick turnaround times.
  • All makes and models supported, even the European cars.
  • If replacing all lost keys, our price always includes unlocking the car.
  • We never charge customers for vehicles we aren’t able to do.


No matter which make, model or year vehicle you have. We can assist by providing an emergency service to replace regular transponder keys, smart proximity keys and even earlier non transponder keys. Our service is fast, affordable and convenient.

If you have only one key for your car, don’t wait till it’s too late. A spare key will always be cheaper and easier to replace than having none at all. Not to mention the inconvenience it will cause being stranded somewhere with no keys and having to fork out for an afterhours or weekend service.


Standard Non Remote Key Programming from $160.00
Aftermarket Remote Key Programming from $200.00
Genuine Remote Key Programming from $280.00
Aftermarket Smart Key Programming from $200.00
Genuine Smart Key Programming from $300.00

Prices are for spare keys and subject to change without notice. For an accurate quote on your situation, you should contact us directly.


  • How long does it take to program keys to my car?

    1. If it’s a spare keys situation, most vehicles are usually done within 30mins.
    2. A lost keys situation takes a little longer with 1hr being about the average.
  • Will my lost or stolen keys still work after you re-program?

    Some vehicles have the option to leave existing keys without deleting them but in most cases when reprogramming a car, it will clear the lost or stolen key making it unable to start the car. However, it will still manually unlock the door lock. If this is a problem, you can ask us to rekey or change the door lock.

  • What types of keys do you provide? Genuine or Aftermarket?

    We provide a range of key types to different vehicles. These can be either non remote, aftermarket remote and genuine remote keys. Our preference is using OEM keys, but if they aren’t in your price range, we will have an aftermarket option to suit. We’re also happy to program and cut keys that you supply, but it’s your responsibility to ensure they are suitable for your vehicle.

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