Having trouble starting your Ford Falcon BA/BF or Ford Territory SX/SY due to ignition barrel or switch problems? We can help!

Over the past few years we have noticed a large increase of ignition barrel failing on BA & BF Falcon’s & SX & SY Territory’s. Symptoms include the key free spinning (or no resistance on key) from the lock position all the way through to start. Another common problem is the key not springing back to the ON position once started.

After doing your research you may have heard that some people are claiming the entire steering column needs to be replaced to solve both these problems, WRONG! Infact we are able to repair both the free spinning problem and the key not returning problem for a fraction of the cost at the car, at any time, without replacing the steering column or even removing it from the car.

Our repair doesn’t require a new ignition lock or new keys, everything is kept the same with the repair being done to the problematic ignition switch only.

All our work is carried out onsite at the car and is guaranteed for a period of 12months.


  • Key turning freely from lock position to start position
  • Car starting but ignition not springing back to on position
  • Car starting but radio, wipers, power windows not working
  • After starting car the ignition barrel automatically turns back to off position
  • Ignition barrel feels loose to turn and has intermittent starting problems
  • No lights displayed on instrument cluster after key turned on
  • Blown 20 amp ignition fuse in engine bay may indicate problem


Ignition Switch Replacement from $350.00
Ignition Lock Replacement from $250.00
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